• Troubleshooting your B2B marketing data problems
    [March 10, 2015] Business-to-business data continues to challenge marketers, who need to identify and communicate with customers and prospects, but who run into thorny issues every day.  Problems range from duplicates, to key-entry errors, to missing data elements, and beyond.  Recently, Bernice Grossman and I worked with a group of savvy B2B marketers at a DMA conference to […]
  • 21 Blogs I Turn To When I Need to Learn How To Do Stuff
    [February 25, 2015] No shock in this statement – I’m a big fan of blogs and blogging as a core marketing, content and SEO practice I subscribe to many blogs, read blogs daily and generally find that when I search for things blog posts offer the most useful solutions. I read many different types of blogs – some […]
  • SEO Isn’t About Price, It’s About ROI
    [January 28, 2015] Many small businesses shy away from SEO because of the cost. They don’t have large budgets, and when they see a price tag of $1-5K per month, they often balk at it as “unaffordable”. I certainly understand that. All new expenses have to be justified, and it’s tough to suddenly invest in something that doesn’t […]
  • Are You Socially Easy?
    [January 7, 2015] Building up an effective social presence takes a lot of work, but there is nothing wrong with being easy on social media! [Tweet This] In fact, it’s highly recommended, and there is almost no stigma attached to it.
  • Why Context Marketing is Nothing New
    [December 10, 2014] So, the latest buzzword in the online space iscontext marketing, or the ability to look into the context of what your customers want and deliver on that need.
  • How to stop The Blame Game from destroying your business
    [November 19, 2014] I spoke with a small business owner earlier, who was blaming his customers for the slowdown of his business. He went on to explain that his customers werefools for turning to other suppliers, who are a little less expensive than him.
  • Tips For Writing Better Business Blogs
    [October 29, 2014] Blogging for over 10 years has been quite a journey to say the least. During that time, I’ve had my share of challenges, opportunities, disappointments and surprises. Back when I started, there’s no way I would have imagined having so many things to say for so long or anticipated what impact ongoing content creation would […]
  • Don’t let that guy ruin your marketing
    [October 8, 2014] So, who is that guy? He or she, is the person who doesn’t ‘get’ what you’re saying. They can’t see the value. They can’t see your point. They frustrate you with questions that show zero understanding of your message.
  • How to make the right business decisions
    [September 17, 2014] I’d like to share some ideas with you today, about your role in your business. You often hear small business owners talking about how many hats they wear. They’re referring to the number of different roles they play within their business. Whilst every business owner wears a number of different hats, it’s important to know […]
  • 7 Honest truths about marketing
    [August 27, 2014] Here are 7 important things to consider, when marketing your business.
  • How to attract attention and get people talking about your business!
    [August 6, 2014] This may be the most useful post I’ve written this year. As regular readers will know, I often talk about the need for business owners to attract the attention of their marketplace and give them a story worth sharing. Well, I recently experienced a great example of how the process works.
  • Customer Driven – Word-of-Mouth Referrals – The Lifetime Value of a New Customer
    [July 16, 2014] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:39 — 13.4MB) You understand the value of your best customers. But do you have a system in place to ask them for referrals?
  • Why offering free consultations can be an expensive mistake
    [June 25, 2014] I see a lot of struggling business owners, offering free initial consultations. They give their time away like it’s of no value… like they are sat in a quiet office, with no clients and nothing to do. That’s a terrible impression to give to their marketplace.
  • 5 Steps to Customer Data Hygiene: It’s Not Sexy, But it’s Essential
    [June 4, 2014] Are you happy with the quality of the information in your marketing database? Probably not. A new report from NetProspex confirms: 64% of company records in the database of a typical B2B marketer have no phone number attached. Pretty much eliminates phone as a reliable communications medium, doesn’t it? And 88% are missing basic firmographic […]
  • Asking The Important Questions Concerning Creativity
    [May 14, 2014] A big part of our identity and the nature of our work at TopRank Online Marketing is focused around creativity. In fact, the tagline on our company website is: “Smart, Creative, Focused On Results”, three key principles that drive a lot of what we do and what we stand for. Of course creativity comes in […]
  • What is Customer Engagement and How Do You Get It?
    [April 23, 2014] You hear it all the time: if you want to sell you have to engage with your customers; your content must engage your customers; or your blogs must be engaging. OK, I get it. My writing must be engaging, but what exactly does that mean? Well there are 2 types of content: that which asks […]
  • How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
    [April 2, 2014] OK, before you run off for that well-earned coffee, this isn’t just ‘another one of those content strategy blogs’. Well, yes, it’s about content marketing strategy, but it looks at where you’re going wrong. Yup, I hate to say it, but you are probably barking up the wrong tree right now. Ask yourself something – […]
  • 9 Easy Tips To Get The Most From Your Business Networking (Video)
    [March 12, 2014] Okay. So you finally got up enough courage to attend a face-to-face networking event.
  • How to quickly get more from your marketing
    [February 19, 2014] I’m going to show you how to avoid a common marketing mistake, which is causing a lot of pain to a lot of small business owners. I’m also going to share a cornerstone of great marketing with you, which can quickly improve your marketing results.
  • How to take your business from average to remarkable
    [January 29, 2014] Here’s the problem with average… average doesn’t motivate or inspire people to do anything. It looks like this:
  • 15 Powerful ideas to help you grow your business in 2014!
    [January 2, 2014] A New Year awaits you. A blank canvas. A fresh opportunity.
  • How I Made Twitter Infinitely More Useful
    [December 3, 2013] Twitter is a great tool. I’ve been using it since March of 2006 and it’s certainly here to stay as a communications tool for the foreseeable future.
  • Let’s look at your confidence
    [November 6, 2013] I have an important question for you today: How confident are you, when you speak or write about your business?
  • Beyond (Not Provided), Steps You Can Take To Glean Keyword Insight for Your SEO Strategy
    [October 16, 2013] As SEOs, we have had very little time to stand back up, brush the dirt off ourselves, and glare back at Google for the recent retrieval of keyword data insight provided by the search giant. For some, this data presented an opportunity to hone in on targeting single keyword-minded SEOs, but it’s also used by […]
  • A Guide To Overcoming The Myth Of Content Marketing
    [September 18, 2013] If there was a balloon made of KoolAid, I probably wouldn’t be able to resist popping it.