August 29, 2016

WhatsApps Announces New Business Uses and Sharing of Data

August 25, 2016 Rich Ord

In a reversal of previous pledges, WhatsApp is going to begin sharing data with Facebook in order to connect accounts, detect spam and improve ad targeting. This includes sharing your phone number and usage information for Facebook’s internal use, but not sharing any actual texts, since they are encrypted and […]

Adblocking is an Existential Threat

August 8, 2016 Rich Ord

Can adblocking kill the free internet? “It’s inconceivable, I think, that we would simply just allow this threat from adblocking to continue without actually having a strategy,” says IAB UK’s Steve Chester. “It’s something which we will have to develop. I don’t underestimate that it’s potentially an existential threat.” The […]

Social Media to Drive Your Web Retail Business

August 1, 2016 Rich Ord

Felim McGrath, who is the Trends Manager at GlobalWebIndex, believes that social media will be a driving force encouraging online shopping. He says that one third of the world’s population is now on social media, which is up an astounding 10% over last year. “With such a significant amount of […]

Twitter Launches Emoji Targeting For Advertisers

June 17, 2016 Staff Writer

Twitter has become the first social media platform that lets advertisers target by what emoji a user has tweeted. The idea is that emoji’s are indicators of emotion, or even more specifically wanted actions, which can be used by businesses to target their product marketing. For instance, a hot coffee […]

Global Dark Social sharing is now 84%

June 10, 2016 Staff Writer

Global Dark Social sharing is now 84% of all consumer sharing of publisher and marketer content according to a new study by RadiumOne. Dark Social activity is considered to be sharing of content via private channels such as email or messaging. According to the study, Dark Social shares as a […]

Google Tool Tests Your Websites Mobile Speed And Quality

June 2, 2016 Staff Writer

Google launched a new tool today called ‘Test My Site” at The tool helps you find out how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices, but its primary purpose is to make the mobile web experience faster. The new tool is part of the ‘think with Google‘ […]

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