May 30, 2017

Google+ Brand Pages Start Showing Up In SERPs!

Google+ Pages for business and their related data are now showing up in Google’s organic search listing, as All About Content reported. Now, signed in users can see the “Add to Circles” option in the search listings, while the non signed in users, get to see the posts and the Google+ page in the search results.

The only hitch in this is that only the brands that have been approved for Direct Connect are showing up in search results. So, if your Page is not “Verified,” it will not show in SERPs as of now.

The ‘Add To Circles’ Button:

The searchers logged into Google will see the recent Google+ posts and a hard to miss “Add To Circles” button beside the Google+ posts. Once you click on the button, you will have the choice of choosing the Circle there and then, to which you want to add the page to. See how the verified page of Burberry shows up in results with a prominent ‘Add To Circles’ button.

Google+ Burberry Add to Circles

The Google+ Posts:

For the users, not signed in, or not even having a Google+ account can see the Google+ posts in their search listing. The brands that have verified pages, and have direct connect enabled, will show up in search results. At present the Google+ posts are right underneath the sitelinks. See that even when not logged in the two most recent updates on the Google+ page of Burberry are showing up in search listings.

Google+ Burberry

If you want your brand page to show up too, then enable Direct Connect for your page, and see your page coming up in SERPs. For more on Google+ Pages for business, see this.


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